Eliyan Cohen is a New York based Photographer and Multimedia Designer. She started her art journey from art school majoring in Architectural and Construction Drawing. Eliyan started studying Graphic Design with a minor European style Interior Design. She expanded her knowledge in Interior Design, Decoration and Furniture Design by working in Architectural offices while she was completing her Bachelors of Science in Digital Multimedia Design at Touro College with a focus on Graphic Design. Eliyan received her Master of Arts in Web and Multimedia Design from Touro University of New York.

Eliyan Cohen is an international award-winning Photographer. Eliyan’s “Whatever…” photograph has been honorably mentioned by the London 2022 Photography Awards. Her artworks have been nationally exhibited. Meanwhile, over 35 photographs of Eliyan’s own art have been featured, selected, and published on diverse social media feeds. Her public Artlimited page gained over 35k image views. She is currently partaking in professional photo critique and photography writing.

Eliyan Cohen believes that “Each person is a blessing in this beautiful world and we all should find our own peaceful space in this complex but simple world and live a life based on our own favorite colors, music, and nature!”