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Eliyan Cohen

Story Telling

Elizabeth travels all the way from Brooklyn to Manhattan for school. Today, IS Wednesday and we’re in Web III lab, located at Room #213. As her fiancé texted her saying he wants to go on a romance date. So, she decided to get a beautiful outfit on Boohoo website. So, after typing, she looks carefully and curiously to the designs of the outfits. She prefers low price merchandises. While, she checks the price differences, eventually, she adds something to the shopping section and is nearly for her date. However, she got some difficulties regrading language change, customer services and also customer service feedback which would definitely have impacts on staying aa a loyal customer.

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Observe User

Who: Elizabeth Cintron
What: Boohoo website
When: Wednesday @2:34 p.m.How: calm & curious

Why: To look for an outfit


_ She looks carefully and with curiosity checks the designs of the shirts and the other outfits. _She goes for cheap and low price outfits

_Checks the price differences_ looks for something noticeable and eye catching

_ Shows interest to how get prepared as a bride maid videos._She know the different parts of the website (it’s not her first time visiting the website)

Noticeable problems:

Language change

Customer Service

Customer Service feedback and not being alert enough to consider and solve the problems.

Eliyan Cohen