5 Es











+1. Getting some kind of convenient feeling when to enter

+2. Finding the sale items easiness




+1. Having some sharp colors to attract the viewer

+2. Having the products image.

+3. Providing coupons

+4. Proper product organization


+1. Selecting the product option & having the possibility of viewing the product 

+2. Giving the option of the locations

+3. Easiness in purchasing sale and regular items

+4. Providing and informing about the NEW arrivals


+1. Easy to log in

+2. Easiness in logging out


+1. Sale items

+2. Providing coupons

+3. Finding basic products in some sort of easiness


-1. Product priority





-1. Not color variation





-1. Too many writings which may take time to find the specific subjects in less time

-2. Slow motions in the slide show

-1. Not being able to log in via social media




-1. Not having the color veriations may cause the customer not want to get back.